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Throughout my health and fitness journey I have had my share of ups and downs. In 2016 I started to lose weight with a diet weight-loss program. After realizing how bad my eating habits were and gaining a lot of extra weight I knew I needed a change. The program worked and I lost a lot of weight very quickly, to only gain it all back within a year. After gaining that weight back I went back to that weight loss diet program and started with them once again. Losing the weight for the 2nd time, to only gain it back a year later. The 3rd time was the same, I went back to weight loss diet program and lost weight AGAIN, but what would you know, I gained it all back AGAIN. I haven’t returned to that program since. Yes it always worked for me, but it was not realistic nor did the results last long term and after the third time I finally came to that realization. 

Fast forward to the present day. I choose healthier options at restaurants and at home, watching my portions and focusing on realistic ways to stay healthy and fit. Weightlifting and fitness overall, has changed my life for the better. I started lifting weights in 2016/2017, I began with the basics and worked my way up. I got stronger through out the process, I have lost 20lbs now without a weight-loss diet program in sight, I did it all on my own. I have learned so much inside and outside of the gym that makes me stronger and takes me to the next level. Watching my progress has been the most motivating experience for me. Seeing my confidence rise has been amazing also. I’m not a typical fitness influencer either, I didn’t lose 20+ lbs and keep it off for good. I gained it back several times, but have learned so much a long the way. It wasn’t easy and at times it still isn’t, but nothing in life worth having will be easy. I always went back to that diet program because I knew it was going to work fast, I took the easy way out instead of taking it slow and steady.

It makes me so happy to connect to people who have been in my position, who have dealt with the struggles of weight loss and fitness and the ups and downs it may bring. You aren’t alone, I know how tough it can be mentally and physically but remember it’s a marathon not a sprint. Changing bad habits that have brought you down for so many years is never easy, but with some consistency and hard work I believe that you can get through anything that life may put in your way. Don’t give up on whatever it is that makes you happy and confident, because at the end of the day you have one life and you want to make it worth the while. I hope I can help you reach your goals and share what has worked so great for me!

My Transformation

Fitness Guide

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Amanda Hagan’s Booty Building and Toning Guide

This booty building and toning plan is a 4 week guide to bigger and more defined glutes! You will have 4 different sections of workouts, a smith machine based section, a machine based section, a cable based section and lastly, a free weight based section. I separate them to make it more organized for you! This is a gym based plan, designed for men and women! You will be doing the specific section I give you 3 days a week! I also will be adding in what I do for my cardio routine everyday so you can follow along with that as well on your days you aren’t training your lower body! These are all workouts I have been and still are doing that have transformed me into what I am today! I want you to become the best version of yourself and feel confident inside and out! Let’s get you the booty of your dreams!

Equipment used in guide:

  • smith machine
  • cable
  • kettlebell/free weight
  • hip adductor/abductor machine
  • seated leg press machine
  • laying leg curl machine
  • glute kickback machine
  • lower back extension machine
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Amanda Hagan 4 Week at Home Booty Guide

Hey babes! I know it can be hard to make it to the gym or even to afford a membership so I’m doing this at home booty guide for YOU! It’s efficient for anyone who can’t make it to a gym or just wants to workout in the comfort of their own home! Each week you will do 4 days of one section of workouts leaving a rest day in between to let your muscles relax and repair! And then switch to the next set of workouts for your next week! This guide is for 4 weeks but can be used however long you need! The purpose of this guide is to be convenient for you but also get your booty in shape! I am using bands but you don’t necessarily have to. Yes, they add more of a burn and I do recommend using them if you have some or don’t mind spending a little extra money! I will attach a link below to with my discount code to my favourite bands that I personally use for my workouts!

What you need for this guide:

  • resistance bands (optional but highly recommended!)
  • free weight of some sort (kettle bell, medicine ball, etc.)

That’s it!! Simple and easy!

I hope you enjoy this guide! Love you all!(:

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